Julie Macpherson

Texas Regional Director
Julie Macpherson is the Texas regional director for Brighter Bites. She holds an undergraduate degree from Austin College in Sherman, Texas, and a master’s degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. From the District of Columbia to Portland, Oregon, and back to Texas, Julie has spent her career within the public and nonprofit sectors focused on civil rights, environmental protection, and social service management. Each of these areas contributed to the development of her passion around food and food-related concerns.


As a high school exchange student, international studies major, and later resident of Washington D.C., Julie developed interests in world food traditions, cooking, and building relationships through food. Living in Portland cemented her love for farmers markets and connecting with growers and the land. After returning to Texas, she became more involved with issues of hunger, food access for underserved populations, nutrition in food distribution programs, and fair trade food systems. The last included travel to the Dominican Republic to learn from organic cacao farmers within community-based, worker-owned cooperatives.


Julie is incredibly excited to bring her nonprofit experience and passion for healthy food to Brighter Bites. Outside of work, Julie enjoys cooking for her family and friends, food preserving, travel, and stair climbing events.